Meet the Order

Sisters and Brothers

Novice Ausome Lee Dish Evilled


I often live up to my name! I'm a chaotic, brain-fogged, autistic, disabled member. I first heard of the Order around 2009, and thought it sounded fabulous, but "I couldn't possibly do that!" forward 10 years, and it seems I can. I'm loving my work in the Order, and the things I'm learning - about myself, my siblings in the Order, and our community. Putting on my habit allows me to be both myself and someone else, simultaneously. My favourite thing about us is how diverse and inclusive the Glasgow Mission are.Queen of Sarcasm, fan of extraneous commas in text, and will always use 100 words when 10 would do.

Novice Sauchie-ball Street


Full name Novice Sauchie-ball Street of the Sacred Aching Jaw.

Typical weegie nun - loud, loves to sing (sometimes even in key) and is particularly fond of the communal wine. Walks with a stick, points, plays snooker and uses it to stir great pots too apparently. Likes to work with the community and is very sex and kink positive.... just ask her!!

Having been involved with Glasgow Pride and Scottish Transgender Alliance, Sauchie-Ball decided to join the order as she holds the tenants of the Order close to her heart. "Always up for a laugh, I enjoy making people smile and if I’ve made just one person smile every day then that day hasn’t been wasted".

Novice Poly Tickle Erectness

Novice Wye Dangle


I’ve always been interested in the Order of Perpetual Indulgence since I first saw them at Edinburgh Pride. Then I found they have they have them in Glasgow too! And thus I felt the call of the cloth… I joined as their photographer (Hence the name Wye Dangle, as in camera lens- and other things), and the rest was history: I became a Postulant in autumn 2017, and a Novice in summer 2018, and rather ironically since then I have done pretty much everything apart from photography! Other skills include technology, music, design, and being a trollop.

Novice Brother Mungo Fuck Yersel

As a trained medieval historian, I read a lot about the queerness of the monastery (the brotherly love, the sisterly kisses) and the high camp of church rituals. I wanted to find a community where this was still practiced. After moving to Glasgow in 2019, I approached the Order of Perpetual Indulgence to learn that they have evolved into accepting trans people, and the radical inclusivity and freedom the Glasgow Mission allowed me (a trans man dragging up as a monk) made it instantly feel like home.

Knight Indulgers and Henches Extraordinaire

Squire Turns Her

Squire Turns Her has been a Glasgow hench since October 2019. Her now famous saying is “I didn’t sign up for this - someone handed me a badge”. She has helped a Postulant or Novice out on many occasion by being a pack horse of bags/makeup and generally chauffeuring around a gaggle of Nuns/Brothers. Enjoys travelling, horses and meeting new people, GSOH and likes to keep her options open, so her POF profile says. Has excellent minute taking skills and is now going down the Knight path (Gloria help them!!)

Sir Kit Board

Grumpy old Knight of the Order. Been active since Christmas 2008 originally in the Convent of Dunn Eideann (Edinburgh). Moved over to Glasgow when the mission formed as my house is significantly closer to Glasgow. Mostly caught doing the behind the scenes work for the mission these days.