About the Glasgow Mission

Hello and welcome to The Order of Perpetual Indulgence: Glasgow Mission!

We are a part of a worldwide Order of Queer secular nuns, which originally began in San Francisco in 1979. Although part of this Order, each House and Mission does things slightly differently.  We all follow a main goal though, to "Promulgate universal joy, expiate stigmatic guilt, and to serve the community".

We do this by supporting the LGBTQIA+ community to live happy, fulfilling lives free from stigma, raise money for appropriate charities, perform condom ministry, and strut our stuff in drag as much as possible! 

Worldwide, we're often referred to as "The Sisters", as Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence was the name used by the founding house in San Francisco and continues to be used by the American houses.

Taking on board comments from our trans and other non-binary gendered members in Glasgow we avoid using "The Sisters" terminology in our Mission. As such, we refer to ourselves as the Order. Likewise, we refer to our fellow members as Siblings rather than Sisters, to include everyone in the Order, no matter their gender or roll. We have sisters, brothers, knights and henches, aspirants, postulants, novices and fully professed members - all are an equally valued part of our Mission. 

We are a diverse Mission, and proud that we encompass a huge cross-section of the Queer community. We have child-free members and we have parents. We have disabled members and non-disabled members. We have neurotypical members and neurodiverse members. And we see ourselves as a wonderful, dysfunctional family! 

Of course, as we have said, every House and Mission is different, and whilst this is "The Glasgow Way", we respect and support how other branches refer to themselves, and how they perform their ministry.